How It Works

In many cases when a Business Executive or Marketing Director evaluates the value of the internet, their situation is one that they have an existing website that needs a makeover, or they’ve decided that incorporating a web presence to their current marketing scheme may be beneficial. We examine the   site in an attempt to determine the best priorities based on the nature of the   business. These generally fall into one or both of two major categories, those being information/technical or marketing tools.  Our experience has   dealt primarily with marketing tools and construction of these sites can be the most critical in terms of content and initial impact because they frequently represent a potential client’s first impression of a business.    With input from the Principles of The Company, coupled with extensive research of the nature of the business from a variety of sources, we attempt to integrate interest, information and physical attraction.

Examination of internet websites of competitive businesses as well as those of   similar, non competitive ones has proven to be a valuable tool for determining content. We’ve focused on other marketing avenues as well, often researching   printed advertising as well as video clips of similar companies to the one being /ed.

It is important to clearly define the expectations of internet exposure and we have found that different preferences require different strategies.  For example, a site that has the intended result of provoking a visit to a retailer will require a different personality than one of a mail order house. A site that is intended to turn up on a search engine and result in a phone call or email inquiry may very well need more flash than one that an on site   Marketing Representative will use to encourage a new or existing client to utilize for product availability or technical information.

We continue to / graphics and technical enhancements that not only showcase our customers’ products and services, but make exploration fast, simple and attractive.

As a small company we are able to give specific attention to our clients’ individual needs, rather than the cookie cutter approach common today.  Our unique use of graphic design, coupled with state of the art access tools places our sites at the top in terms of initial impact and user friendliness.